The Padoo® Sofa Bed

The Padoo® Playroom Sofa Bed

The Padoo® is an ideal playroom sofa bed and can quickly and easily be rearranged for a daytime nap, a sleepover, and even a temporary bed for an adult. Simply arrange the large cushions on the floor according to the length of your guest. Spread over a clean sheet, tucking the sheet around the bottom of the cushions, add a soft pillow and a cosy duvet or throw and there you are. A bed made in moments for small or larger friends or relatives. Then all you have to do is make sure they stay in it. Over to you!

The Padoo® is extremely comfortable as attested by our customers and reviewers and it’s been thoroughly tested by Tom and Charlie (and our photographer's assistant!...not all at the same time...). What sets the Padoo® apart is the quality of our foam, which is suitable for regular use as a mattress and means it can even be made into a comfortable guest bed for adults.

Did you ever end up sleeping on the floor in your children's bedroom due to bad dreams, never-ending bedtimes or sheer exhaustion?  That's one of the major perks of having a Padoo® - simply rearrange the sofa and you'll have a good night's sleep.

It’s also great for naps in the day for toddlers who don’t want to get in their bed because they might miss out on something. Bring it downstairs, find a suitable corner, add a teddy and a story and close the curtains.

For adult use simply put the two biggest pads and the folded connected layer end-to-end.  Bedtime story and teddy optional...