Padoo Care Guide


Through hours of home and volunteer product testing, the Padoo has been jumped on, lived in and piled high. Each of these steps was exhaustively repeated until we were sure that each Padoo would resist anything that children and toddlers could throw at it. We would encourage your children to be bold and adventurous with their Padoo - it is a tool for FUN.

However, there will be moments when it needs some care. The Padoo has been designed with easy care in mind so:

To maximise the life of your covers, it’s best to spot clean only with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth or paper towel.  The stain and liquid repellent properties in our high-tech fabrics make this super easy.  For the vast majority of smears and spills this will be all you ever need.

The covers are machine washable but we recommend doing this as little as possible as the stain resistance and water repellence will gradually diminish with repeated washing.  In addition, you will notice that the covers have locks on the zips, and to machine wash the covers you would need to remove these locks... 

As mentioned in more detail in our FAQs the zip locks are to ensure the absolute safety of the product for under 3s (who might try to access and tear up the foam inside).  For this reason unless you can be sure that the sofa won't come in contact with under 3s we advise against removing the zip locks and hence machine washing.

  • (Ideally) Simply spot clean with a damp cloth, dry with a dry cloth
  • (If necessary and safe) Machine wash cold (30 degrees), and wash separately
  • (If you can't wait for summer to arrive) Tumble dry on low heat
  • (If you feel the need) Iron on medium heat

Cleaning Up Spills

The Padoo has a spill-resistant cover so you don't need to wash the covers for most accidents. Use a cloth or kitchen roll to soak up any liquid, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.