The Little Imagineers story

About Us

Little Imagineers was founded by Tom and Helen Harper, and their sofa climbing children Charlie and Harry.

In an attempt to keep their boys entertained through lockdown in the absence of clubs, school and nursery they tried to create something non-age specific to inspire their imaginations and spark joy within the confines of the home.

The journey began by observing what children instinctively do, and with inspiration from products available elsewhere in the world, have created a premium quality play sofa for children and toddlers which feels like a positive addition to the home.

What started out as a one-family agenda quickly rolled into a plan to build a business around products which invite playful, creative, open-ended fun without detracting from the style and energy of the home.

Helen has 10 years’ experience as a physiotherapist and a passion for physical development, nutrition and above all the welfare of her two adventurous boys. With an eye for style and interior design, Helen is the chief fabric tester, colour coordinator and a fountain of common sense when things get dicey!

15 years as an accountant hasn't dented Tom's playful side and his background in psychology helps him understand the needs of growing minds. Tom has a passion for natural movement techniques, growing delicious tomatoes and making his boys laugh.  He’s the dad in the playground being chased by a gaggle of kids or hanging from the monkey bars...

Charlie is our walking animal encyclopaedia and ringleader of household mayhem. He is in charge of colour naming, stain resistance and strength testing.

Harry is our little ball of energy with an instinct for climbing, leaping and chocolate. He's responsible for crash, endurance and day-time nap testing.