Kids’ playroom furniture

A playroom can be an entire room, or an area of the house that is dedicated to fun. Either way, we’ve put together some ideas to help you get started.



Make sure you create specific places for different activities, even they are small areas. So as a minimum, a table or desk for drawing or studying (and that is neutral enough for them to use into their teenage years) and a place to play on the floor. A cosy seating area for reading that doubles as a sleepover bed is also ideal. The Padoo fits the bill perfectly here.


The key to any well organised playroom or play area is good storage. Think chest of drawers for toys, or stacked raffia containers for easy tidy ups. Similarly a large basket for soft toys is an excellent and easy way to clear the floor. Bookshelves are a must. And if there are items you don’t want the kids to pull down all the time, put up some high shelves so you can control what finds its way to the floor!


Accents of bright, bold colour can add fun and playfulness to a space. Consider painting furniture or buying pieces in colours that contrast with walls and floors. The Peacock, Berry or Plum Padoo can work well to provide accents of colour.


Maximise the fun
If you want to go all out on fun, consider a bunk bed slide, monkey bars, a built-in rock-climbing wall, or a sofa that turns into a den, a rocket, a castle or a boat. You guessed it, a Padoo. Then you can tick two boxes in one by encouraging play and burning up energy on rainy days or pre bedtime.


Children’s bedroom furniture checklist:

  • Is it well made and durable?
  • Has it got more than one function?
  • Is the style appropriate for younger years through to teenage years?
  • Can we the parents live with it!?

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