Kids' bedroom design ideas

Let your child’s imagination be part of the design process

Children have boundless imaginations. So let them be a part of the design process and have fun! Get playful, go with their ideas and create a space they will love and that they’ll flourish in.

There are lots of ways to make a room unique to your child and their ever-changing needs and interests:

  • Paint a wall with chalk board paint, open the chalks and let your child create the pictures, diagrams and words. Not only is this fun and creative, but it can be useful later on for help with homework or to-do lists.
  • Vinyl stickers are also a good option, because they can easily be updated to suit your child’s changing interests. Choosing them and applying them could turn into a great weekend activity.
  • Create a gallery wall. You can hang up your child’s art and update it as they create more masterpieces! It’s a great confidence boost for your child to see their creations up in a frame.


Make it multi-use
A child’s bedroom needs to function as a miniature world for them: a sanctuary, a play space, a study, and of course a safe nest for sleep. It’s got to be welcoming, personal and adaptable.

The one thing you don’t want is constant mess overflowing, so consider smart storage solutions: for example, beds with sliding drawers underneath them. If you’re going for a wardrobe, try and find one that has drawers too. Padoo can make your life easier when it comes to furniture, because little hands can turn it into so many different things: as well as a cave, a stage or a boat, it can be a comfy reading nook or a sleepover bed.  

Make a room that will grow with your child
You’ve heard it before: less is more. Start with basics, and keep them simple, so you can create a space that can be changed over the months or years to suit your child’s changing passions.

Most likely, for your budget (and your sanity!) you’ll want to aim for something that will last at least five years.

Painting walls a neutral shade is a good idea, because pops of colour can then be added in exciting and inventive ways more regularly and inexpensively, keeping things fresh and fun.

If you do decide to go all out with a colour scheme, bear in mind that bed linen and furniture will need to be a slightly different shade to stand out – or completely different if you’re going bold.

Make it cosy
Once the clutter is out of the way, it’s easier to make things cosy and interesting with rugs and cushions. A canopy draped over the bed makes sleepy-time extra magical (it can be imagined into a tent, a parachute, a cocoon or a palace). Fairy-lights are cheerful and comforting - and keep the monsters firmly at bay.

Above all, let the space be claimed by your child. Don’t stick too rigidly to ideas about what ‘looks good’ and what doesn’t. Your ultimate aim is to create a room where your child can run wild with their ideas, create whole worlds, learn and feel joy.

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