The Padoo Wins The Best Kids' Toy & Furniture Award!

We are so excited to announce we have been awarded the Gold Prize for the Best Kids Bedroom Furniture in the What's Good To Do Awards!

We even received 70/70 in the scoring system, making the Padoo the Number One Kids Toy and piece of furniture for the Festive Season! 

Their reviewer highlighted the quality of the Padoo, which really sets it apart: "the feel is so soft and luxurious, its like a soft velvet, but the best part it is stain and liquid repellant, so anything will wipe straight off. The foam is soft, comfy, thick, bouncy and foamy, soft enough to sleep on, thick enough to not let you sink, comfy enough to sit or sleep on for a whole night and bouncy enough to have hours of endless fun on. We even stacked every cushion and sat on top and even I didn’t sink into the foam, impressively the cushions also don’t slip against each other and have enough friction to keep in place even if you lean on the triangles with nothing behind."

They continued: "It would make an incredible gift for Christmas, not just for children, but the whole family, it is an investment but it is also more than just a sofa."

We're thrilled that we have been chosen as the best toy and furniture for children, and hope your kids will love it as much as theirs do!

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