Update - Launch... Customers... Awards... TV... & Collaborations...

After 18 months of designing, planning and making, our Padoo® Play Sofa and Toddler Chair were ready for sale at the end of August.  Since then we've had the full spectrum of start-up challenges to enjoy and deal with.

Ups and downs were to be expected when going live with a new business and the launch of Little Imagineers has been no exception!


The bits we love talking about...

We're thrilled to have had customers from Bournemouth to Bromsgrove and Stoke Prior to Sandy and nothing's felt better than reading the reviews from our happy customers knowing we've helped bring fun and function into family homes across the UK;

Endorsement and testimonials from Montessori, Forest School and Open-ended play nurseries have been a great plus and validation of the child safe and child-proof features we've worked so hard to bring together;

We've had fantastic collaborations with other small businesses who we're delighted to work with.  Our summer art competition with Max Made Me Do It had some fantastic entries and deserved winners and support of the fabulous unisex kids clothing brand Ducky Zebra has led to the inclusion of 2 Padoo Chairs in the play area of their beautiful new store in Oxford's Covered Market;


Press coverage has taken us from the Metro to a live demonstration of the Mini Padoo Chair on GB News with Liam Halligan and;

To top it all we were lucky enough to be awarded the What's Good to Do Gold Award for children's toys and furniture!


On the other hand...

We've also had to contend with a 15ft 5inch articulated lorry (full of our bespoke and fun filled packaging) and a 15ft 3inch railway bridge... those two didn't go together too well (and no, you can't just ask the driver to let the tyres down...);

We've had boxes and foam coming out of our ears and more wooden palettes than we can creatively make use of (compost heap and garden dog den... any other ideas are welcome!!) and;



Just for fun we've thrown a puppy called Luna into the maelstrom that is our home life...


The countdown to Christmas has started, we wish everyone a fabulous December and look forward to posting more updates and progress as we continue our mission to bring fun and creativity into children's lives.


Tom & Helen, Founders of Little Imagineers.